Las Vegas Escort Jaclyn

Can I Bring My Friend Along Too?

When we do Vegas, we do Vegas right. That is my promise to you. If you are in Las Vegas, in search of a happy ending....I can make this dream come true in more ways than one. Wouldn't you like to find out more about why I have such a high rating? There is a reason why my schedule is so busy, honey. It's because I offer a Vegas experience that is completely unrivaled.

If you want one of my friends to come along for the ride, you will certainly enjoy your time with us. I have a great deal of vigor and I'm the best choice for any man who has a certain lust for life. You simply never know what we might get into. I can show you around town. Or, we can head back to the room and learn a little bit more about each other.

Tell Me What You Like...
Please let me know about all of your innermost desires. There is no need to be shy with me. I'm the sort of woman who truly knows how to cater to a man. A Las Vegas happy ending is great but what else would you like? Have you ever enjoyed a girlfriend experience like the one that I have to offer you? I doubt you have. It is time to take that next step forward.

I love to seize the day and when you spend time with me, you will, too. I'm comfortable in a wide range of settings. The golf course, the pool table, even a game of Frisbee. If we get all hot and sweaty, it does not matter. We are going to have plenty of time to clean each other up. I'm sure you would love to give my body a good once over.

Bringing Your Fantasies To Life
I know just how much you want a threesome. Tired of asking your wife or girlfriend? Come to me and turn those no's into a yes. I love to spend time with my friends and we would love to have our own private party with you. Pool party season can be a lot of fun but think of how fun it will be with two gorgeous women by your side.

These are the fantasies that I live to fulfill. Did you know that I just so happen to share certain fantasies with you? I also fantasize about the joys of sharing a beautiful Asian woman with my man. We can head out together and pick up a fine Latina. My small frame and bountiful curves are a lot to handle but I bet that you are more than up to the task.

My schedule is busy, though. You are going to want to book me as fast as possible. A Las Vegas happy ending is just one call or e-mail away. My company is second to none. Come learn more about all of the fun that we can have and let me show you to truly live it up in the city of sin.